to be used by different species or birds

bird species age basic diet

additional diet

Canaries, indigenous and exotic Finches, Budgerigars, Lovebirds, Neophema's.

adult seed Aves-plus or Avesmix-25
juvenile Aves-Start ........
Psittaciformes: Parakeets, all Parrots, Cockatoos and Macaws. adult


Aves-Plus or Psittamix
juvenile Psitta-Start ........
All seedeating birds adult seed Aves-Stressmix
Flowerpiercers, Honeycreepers, Sugarbirds, Leafbirds etc. adult Avesnectar Insectile-Fine
juvenile life food Aves-Start
Sunbirds and Hummingbirds adult Sunhum .........
juvenile life food Avesnectar
Lories and Lorikeets adult Lorinectar by choice, limited
juvenile Loristart .......
Fig parrots adult Fruitmix Lorinectar
juvenile Fruitmix-Start Loristart
Small frugivorous birds
Bulbuls, Flowerpeckers, Leafbirds, Tanagers, Waxwings, White-eyes, etc
adult Fruitmix or Insectile-Fine Avesnectar
juvenile life food Aves-Start
Large frugivorous birds
Barbets, Broadbills, Hornbills, Mousebirds, Troupials, Toucans, Touracos etc.
adult Fruitmix by choice
juvenile life food Fruitmix-Start
Small insectivorous birds adult Insectile-Fine by choice
juvenile life food Aves-Start
Large insectivorous birds adult Insectile-Coarse by choice
juvenile life food Aves-Start
Carnivorous birds
Magpies, Starlings, Shrikes and Jays.
adult Avescarn by choice
juvenile life food Aves-Start
Juvenile birds (granivorous-, frugivorous- and insectivorous birds) Aves-handfeeding diet