Complete water soluble vitamin and trace-element mixture for birds under stress. With extra vitamin C.

Under circumstances of stress, additional supplementation of vitamins and trace-elements is essential.

Stress is experienced is cases of:

  1. caging, transport and exhibition
  2. medical treatment (vaccination, worming, antibiotic treatment)
  3. transfer from quarters
  4. change of diet
  5. feather picking and bullying

Under these circumstances less food will be consumed, body reserves will be used and resistance will decrease.

How to use: Offer AVES-STRESSMIX in the drinking water for at least 2 weeks. After bathing take bathing water away.

Contents: 150 gram for 37 litre.


  1. balanced composition of vitamins and trace-elements
  2. completely water soluble
  3. contains extra vitamin C
  4. proved results in cases of emergency
  5. high value for money: a real bird saver