Premix for complete rearing diet for Parakeets and Parrots.

PSITTA-START should be mixed with biscuit meal and soaked seeds to obtain a complete rearing diet for Parakeets and Parrots. Juvenile birds obtain the traditional seed mixture of their parents in soaked form, which is easier and faster to digest than non-soaked seeds. In order to comply with the higher nutritional requirement of young, growing birds, PSITTA-START should be mixed with the soaked-seed diet to increase the nutritional value.


Soak the seedmixture, rinse it frequently and drain superfluous water. Mix 8 spoonfuls (50 g) of PSITTA-START with 50 g biscuitmeal. Mix with 1 litre can of soaked seeds (300 gram). Prepare a fresh rearing diet daily and offer it at least twice a day. Offer as only food.

When to use:

Breeding pairs: 2-3 weeks prior to pairing-up (or before the first egg is expected).

Juveniles: from birth till maturity

Contents: 750 gram for 6 kg rearing diet


  1. upgrading of the traditional seed mixture to a complete psittacine rearing diet
  2. soaked seeds in PSITTA-START are better and easier to digest than hard unsoaked seeds
  3. contains all essential nutrients, including excellent sources of digestible calcium, and vitamin D3 for optimum skeleton development