Complete and water soluble diet for Sunbirds and Hummingbirds.

SUNHUM is a complete nectardiet for Sunbirds and Hummingbirds. The ratio between energy and nutrients is specially balanced considering the high energy requirements of these birds. SUNHUM contains all essential amino acids as a water soluble protein, and all 28 essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. The carbohydrates and fatty acids are completely resorbable. It contains enough digestible protein for maintenance and moult. For this reason SUNHUM is a unique product. Offering live food is not a must, but stimulates activity. Live food is essential to rear the youngsters.


Fill a jar with 60 ml of water. Add one spoonful of SUNHUM and stir with a fork until dissolved.

How to use:

Prepare a fresh solution every day, in warm weather twice daily. Large quantities of small insects (for Sunbirds) and fruitflies (for Hummingbirds) should be available to raise the juvenils.

Contents: 500 gram for 4,2 litre


  1. complete and water soluble diet
  2. the only nectardiet with sufficient protein for maintenance and regrowth of feathers
  3. no sediment
  4. no curdling
  5. easy to prepare
  6. feeding value printed on the label