Complete and water soluble rearing diet for young Lories, Lorikeets and Fig parrots. LORISTART has an excellent taste and is easy to prepare.

LORISTART is the only available rearing diet for Lories on the market; a unique product. LORISTART contains all essential amino acids as a water soluble protein, and all 28 essential vitamins, minerals and trace-elements to rear all species of Lorinae. It contains enough protein with an excellent amino acid pattern for good (feather) growth. The carbohydrates and fatty acids are completely resorbable.


Put 5 spoonfuls (25 gram) of LORISTART in a jar. Fill a glass with 100 ml water. Add the water gradually to the powder, stirring continuously with a fork. For small bird species use 4 spoonfuls of LORISTART (25% diluted). An electric blender (low speed) can also be used for easier and faster preparation.

How to use:

LORISTART should be offered to breeding pairs. Starting several weeks before the first egg is expected, throughout hatching and nestling until maturity. Supply a fresh solution every day. During warm weather twice daily.


plastic bag with 900 gram for ± 4,5 litre
carton box with 9 kg for ± 45 litre


  1. the only available rearing diet for Lories, Lorikeets and Fig parrots
  2. nearly all species of Lories have been reared with Loristart, including Pesquet parrots (Psittrichas fulgidus)
  3. complete and water soluble
  4. easy to prepare
  5. not sweet, does not attract bees, wasps and ants
  6. feeding value printed on the label