Fruitmix - low iron (40 ppm)

Premix to prepare a complete (low iron) diet for frugivorous birds, such as Touracos, Mousebirds, Trogons, Mynahs Hornbills, Barbets, Toucans, Broadbills, Cotingas,
Pipras, Bulbuls, Leafbirds, Waxwings, Flowerpeckers, White-eyes, Tanagers, Birds of Paradise, Troupials, Fruitdoves and Eclectus Parrots

Low iron contents of 40 mg/kg (40 ppm) to avoid iron intoxication (hemosiderosis and hemochromatosis).

Recent publications show that death through iron intoxication is a real threat and one of the main causes of death of many species of frugivorous birds. Breeding results are rather poor because malfunction of the intoxicated liver, which cannot synthesise egg yolk protein. Many softfood and pellet diets show when analysed too high quantities of iron. These cannot be excreted by the birds and results in intoxication of liver and bladder.

The staple diet of frugivorous birds consists of locally available fruit and berries, supplemented with AVES-FRUITMIX-low iron. The basic ingredients of the diet consist of locally available fruit and berries. Make the diet as varied as possible e.g.:

1 part (as per weight) figs, juniper berries, rose-hips, rowanberries
4 parts (as per weight) apple, pear, orange, carrot, banana, raisins, dates


  1. Wash, peel and cut the fruit and berries
  2. Mix and weigh it
  3. Spread it over a large surface
  4. Sprinkle (using a coarse sieve) one part (as per weight) of FRUITMIX over 10 parts of the fruitmixture. Mix thoroughly.

    If the mixture is a too moist, add some dried bread to have the moisture absorbed. Offer the birds, depending on their size, also Aves-Insectile Fine or Course, crumbled cuttlefish bone, oyster shell grit, insoluble grit, a limited quantity of seeds, drinking- and bathing water.


800 gram for 8,8 kg of fruit diet


  1. complete frugivorous diet
  2. includes excellent sources of digestible calcium, and vitamin D3 for maintenance of the skeleton
  3. freshly prepared
  4. without preservatives
  5. low iron contents to prevent iron intoxication
  6. highly suitable as a complementary diet for e.g. Caiques, Eclectus Parrots, Brotogerus and Amazon Parrots

Detailed information about iron intoxication is presented in Avesproduct Newsletter 34.