Premix for meat-eating birds (carnivorous).

The largest meat-eating birds are offered adult or juvenile mice, rats, day-old chicks, guinea pigs or rabbits. They are also offered parts of meat with bones. To be sure that the nutrient value of these items meets the nutrient requirements of the bird, sprinkle Avescarn in opened carcasses of dead animals. Weigh the animals and add 6 gram of AVESCARN to 100 gram of prey.

Smaller meat-eating birds, as Magpies, Starlings, Shrikes and Jays are fed sliced pieces of meat. A diet consisting of meat is deficient in many essential nutrients and will result in deficiency syndromes. However, mixing AVESCARN and sunflower oil (essential linoleic acid) with the meat will result in a complete and balanced diet. The AVESCARN diet can be combined with INSECTILE-Course diet.


a. Spread 100 gram minced lean cattlemeat or heart on a large surface
b. Use a sieve to sprinkle 1 measure spoon AVESCARN (6 g) on it and pour three-quarter measure spoon of sunflower-oil (5 g) over the surface
c. Knead thoroughly

How to use:

Divide prepared food into daily portions and store them in plastic bags in the freezer. Defrost daily the portion(s) needed. Supply also some undigestible material such as grass, leaves and twigs to make it possible for the birds to produce fallow-pellets.

Contents: 200 gram for 3,7 kg carnivorous diet.


  1. freshly prepared
  2. homogeneous composition prevents foodselection
  3. does not contain added animal fats